Nova Flares bursts to life with his amazing single "Krokodil Tears"

Nova Flares releases two singles ahead of his forthcoming self-titled EP expected this summer. I Photo credit: Destiny Robb

Nova Flares releases two singles ahead of his forthcoming self-titled EP expected this summer. Photo credit: Destiny Robb

There is something familiar, comforting, and enticing hiding in the depths of Nova Flares’ latest single “Krokodil Tears.”

Following on the heels of “Gut Splinter,” which was released March 9, “Krokodil Tears” is a psychedelic shoe-gaze treat. This purely instrumental track is full of luscious harmonies, sensual melodies, and an anticipatory rhythm that cumulates into an intense explosion at the climax.

Check out the video for “Gut Splinter” below:

Nova Flares is the solo project of Jason Wagers who hails from Berea, Kentucky. Wagers has been writing music and playing in bands since he was 14, and Nova Flares marks a creative and professional shift that lead to the creation of Wagers’ own unique sound which he dubs surf gaze.

It is music that is born from the sounds of the neo-psychedlic bands of the 90s like Black Market Karma and Mystics Braves. There are also influences stemming from My Bloody Valentine and The Growlers which work together to give Wagers’ sound a particular blend all his own.

Photo credit: Destiny Robb

Photo credit: Destiny Robb

Born out of contention surrounding the name of his first solo project, The Corridors, Wagers shows determination and love for his craft in his creations with Nova Flares. He also shows a particular mindfulness of his audience and a desire to connect with them through his music.

“The songs I create through Nova Flares are supposed to be very cinematic and capture memories and feelings from situations I’d experienced in my childhood and adult life, but these songs are also meant to be left open ended so that the listener could have their own personal sensory experience as well,” says Jason Wagers.

Below is the video for “Krokodil Tears.” Check it out!

Both singles are now available on Nova Flares’ bandcamp page. Stay tuned for his upcoming self-titled album expected to be released later this summer.

Photo credit: Destiny Robb

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Photo credit: Destiny Robb