Raye Zaragoza and the "American Dream"

Singer/songwriter Raye Zaragoza explores multiculturalism through her music. I Photo credit: Ursula Vari

Singer/songwriter Raye Zaragoza explores the American multicultural experience through her music. Photo credit: Ursula Vari

Singer/songwriter and activist Raye Zaragoza just released her latest single “American Dream” from her debut album Fight For You. Inspired by her multinational heritage (Native American (O’odham), Mexican, Taiwanese and Japanese) Zaragoza channels her experiences through her music, and has been called “a voice for young women from a multicultural background.”

“American Dream” is a powerful song that tells the story of Zaragoza’s great grandmother who was forced from her home and family, and was then raised in a boarding school by a European woman. The music is simple, elegant, and deeply moving. There is an element of folk music woven into the song making this track reminiscent of the ever important protest songs. The story and the accompanying music carry power in them, but it is the final verse that really hits the message home. Check out the video below.

Zaragoza will be supporting Dispatch on a national tour this summer, and they are scheduled to play shows throughout the US.

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