BREAKING REVIEW: AKA V drops new track "Last Chance" today

Photo Credit: Robin Cymbaly

Photo Credit: Robin Cymbaly

If you’ve been watching the rising Canadian star AKA V then you’ll know that she has already released some stunning singles. Her debut track “Always Go Home” visited the struggle of following your dreams, a dilemma that many can identify with. In her single “Gone,” V showed audiences just how adaptable she can be. And her track “Sunlight” was an absolute fun celebration of life.

However, “Last Chance” brings a whole new sound, a whole new reinvention of the AKA V sound. And it’s AMAZING!

The track kicks off with a killer guitar intro, and then moves seamlessly into the pounding drum. When the singing starts, it easy to hear that V’s vocal prowess really shines in the heavier rock sound. The rise and fall of her melody perfectly harmonizes with the reverberated guitar sound, giving the track a feminine 80s hair metal vibe.

After living through a time marked by depression, V decided that she had to make a change and pull herself out of the downward spiral. “Last Chance” is that change. It is a song that she feels is a better representation of herself as an artist and as a person. She hopes that fans will find some solace in the song, that it will help them get through difficult times.

“Last Chance” is out today and is available for streaming on Youtube and Spotify, and purchase on iTunes.

This year is already off to a great start for this young talented Canadian artist. Be sure to follow her on social media to see what’s next for her: