Rose Cora Perry becomes Blackstar Amplification’s first Canadian female endorsee

​Yesterday, Canadian songstress Rose Cora Perry announced that not only has she been endorsed by Blackstar Amplification, but she is also the first Canadian female musician to be given the honour to represent the brand.

“To now be able to represent this company in an ‘official’ capacity is truly an honour,” Perry said. “I’m a proud user of their product line and I am more than happy to let the world know it.”

Blackstar was launched in England in 2007, and now has headquarters in the UK and US. Their roster includes popular Canadian icons such as Ed Robertson (Barenaked Ladies) and Jeff Stinco (Simple Plan). The company has proven popular with male guitarists, especially those that are UK and US based, but they are still working on expanding their Canadian and female roster.

“We really see the future of rock with female musicians – they’re writing creditable material and inspiring young girls to pick up guitars. We’re excited to welcome a talent like Rose who is a great role model and a great addition to the Blackstar roster,” Loren Molinare, head of artist relations at Blackstar, said.

Perry had started using the line of amps when hunting for the particular sound that would define her and her band.

Photo credit: Mystery Man Photography

“When I formed The Truth Untold in 2016 for the purposes of playing live shows in promotion of my new album, “Onto the Floor”, I contemplated a lot in terms of how I wanted my “live sound” to come across,” Perry said. She said that finding the perfect amp was crucial to her ideal signature sound. When she plugged her electric guitar into a Blackstar HT Soloist 60 amp she knew that she had found the exact sound she wanted.
The completion of her band The Truth Untold also means that this year will bring lots of music.

“The next release I plan on doing will feature and promote my whole band lineup including our new touring bassist Amber Gorham,” Perry said.

As for how her new amp will change the future of their music, Perry said, “What we have planned E.P.-wise will absolutely be heavier, rawer and more rock’n’roll and that is in no small way thanks to my Blackstar.”

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