Marlon Chaplin’s “Danger, Danger” is half heart-rending emotion, half poetic ballad

Photo credit: Justine McCloskey

Photo credit: Justine McCloskey

Toronto’s Marlon Chaplin is back with his new emotionally-charged single “Danger, Danger” and accompanying video.

After the success of his debut EP Wanderer by Trade in early 2016, Chaplin has been wooing music lovers with his simple ballad-like melodies. Singles such as “Fossils” and “Annabelle + Someone” has gained Chaplin a considerable amount of attention, and he is gearing up to release a full-length album in the spring of 2018. “Danger, Danger” is a stand alone single written by Chaplin and is released by Möbius Recordings.

“Danger, Danger” is a turbulent and heart-touching examination of life. The themes of the track are perfectly captured in the video for the song. Featuring home footage from the Chaplin family over the course of 60 years, the sense of nostalgia and sadness is overwhelming. But the delicacy in the pairing of the song with the footage is absolutely brilliant. There is something wholesome about the entire composition.

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