Single Review: Symbion Project's "Bloodthirsty" is unnerving and edgy

There is something absolutely enticing about Symbion Project’s latest single “Bloodthirsty.”

Based in Seattle, Symbion Project is the brainchild of electronic master Kasson Crooker. “Bloodthirsty” first appeared on the 2016 album Arcadian and is co-written with Finnish singer/songwriter Markus Junnikkala, who also lends his haunting vocals to the track.

“Bloodthirsty” feels like a lustful and troubled descent unprecedented by the song’s intro. The track opens with an almost upbeat feeling, a sense of optimism. But then there is a foreboding, an intensity amplified by Junnikkala’s seductive voice.

The single is inspired by the fragile topic of an abusive relationship, and Crooker does an amazing job at exploring the fear and the destructive cycle of such relationships.

“This is a song about struggles in an abusive relationship and about how energy between two people can be abused and manipulated. We experience the cycle of abuse through dance,” Crooker said in a press release. “Our goal is to allow the viewer to feel first-hand the intensity of those relationships, the cycle that abuse creates, and the difficulty of breaking this cycle. The video moves through 3 major stages: romance, fighting, and conciliation, which often create a cycle in relationships that the two parties can’t break from.”

“Bloodthirsty” is set for release on Oct. 20 and is preceded by two videos: one in 360 and the other in 2D.

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