Single Review: New Zealand musician Bruno Merz soothes with his new single

Photo credit: Giles Smith

Photo credit: Giles Smith

If winding blowing through trees and water babbling down a brook could be translated into a song, New Zealand singer-songwriter Bruno Merz has discovered it.

Set to release Oct. 4, “Whisper Turn” is Merz’s latest track.

Merz said the song is inspired by “a fresh realisation of how meticulously beautiful nature and this planet is. It’s a wake up call to humans and I hope an injection of hope and strength to those who are waking up to what really matters in life.”

The track is a simplistic work of art. The guitar sparkles softly throughout while Merz’s breathy vocals sigh with each note. In a way the song sounds absolutely effortless. But any music lover knows that creating a song is not an easy task. Perhaps that what makes a master…making the difficult seem easy.

“Whisper Turn” is now available on Merz’s Bandcamp page and is the first single from his upcoming album which is set for release early 2018.

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