Album Review: Veio's "Infinite Light // Desperate Shadows"

Photo credit: Chris Swanner

Photo credit: Chris Swanner

Portland-based Veio have just dropped their first studio album with the band’s new lineup. Released on March 14th, Infinite Light // Desperate Shadows is a progressive rock and alternative metal album that is intense and complex.

There are two things about Veio’s sounds that will immediately catch your attention: the epic guitar riffs and the infectious anthem-like vocals. The heavy beats are also prominent in most tracks, but don’t drown out the rest of the music. Tracks such as “Leviathan” and “Structures” feature the best examples of Veio’s powerful sound. Check out the video for “Structures” below.

However, there are also softer melodies on the album, such as in tracks like “In Peril”, which bring to mind the alternative metal sounds of the early 2000s. The elaborate vocal harmonies in “Ghost” also demonstrate the band’s ability to be flexible in their sound.

The entire album is a roller-coaster, feeling more like a journey than a simple collection of songs. Infinite Light // Desperate Shadows isn’t one of those albums that you can listen to at random. Each song commands your attention equally, each song is unique, and where one track ends the next track picks up the rhythm of the album perfectly.

Definitely check out Infinite Light // Desperate Shadows, which is available on Veio’s website, and on Spotify, iTunes, Amazon, and Google Play. And keep with with Veio on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. And don’t forget to check out our chat with Veio’s bass player Kris Lewis.