Album Review: Starbender's 'Heavy Petting'

Album cover art

Straight from Atlanta, GA comes the brazen rock and rollers Starbenders with their first full length album Heavy Petting.

Drawn together through life circumstances and crossed paths, Starbenders features Kimi Shelter, Katie Herron, Aaronoius Monk, and Chris Tokaji. Formed in 2013, the band has quickly gained a reputation for their distinct form of rock and roll which rest comfortable somewhere between punk and psychedelic. Yet, it is difficult to accurately pin down where exactly Starbender’s music exists in the genre spectrum, especially with songs that feature 80s synths and beats.

Suffice to say Starbender’s first album holds something for everyone. Released through Institution Records, the album showcases exactly what the band is capable of and the incomparable talent that overflows from each musician. Tracks such as “Detroit,” “Public Transit,” and “Powder” are perhaps the best example of the band’s flexibility with genres and ability to incorporate a variety of elements and sounds in order to create something totally unique.

With ten tracks in total, listening to Heavy Petting is like taking an intense roller coaster that twirls down a mind-bending rabbit hole. And while their sound has been compared to that of Iggy Pop and Debbie Harry, there is also artistic elements to their composition that remind of David Bowie and the epic rock ballads of that era.

Starbenders is a band definitely worth checking out. Rock fans will not be let down.

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