Album review: Frank Olson Twins' 'Conversations with Bad Acquaintances'

Photo credit: Shannon Kelly

Photo credit: Shannon Kelly

Last week we took a look at Frank Olson Twins’ title track from their EP Conversations with Bad Acquaintances. Today we’ll be checking out the entire EP.

The rest of the EP has a similar sound to the title track, that basic and fundamental music that will appeal to fans of folk and older rock. In a world where music often relies heavily on effects, repetitive lyrics, or catchy rhythms to draw in listeners, it is refreshing to listen to music that embraces something simpler, something elegant at its core. Yet that is not to say that the compositions or themes are simple, in fact both are quite complex and deep. Moreover, it is the reliance of the band on the music and vocals to carry the song without any tweaking or unnecessary effects. This perhaps speaks to the musician’s talents, confidence, and level of skill.

Perhaps the only complaint about Conversations with Bad Acquaintances is that there is only seven tracks, and not one of them is longer than three and a half minutes.

Don’t miss this out on this fantastic EP, folks. You can find Conversations with Bad Acquaintances at Bandcamp, iTunes, Google Play, Amazon, and on Spotify. Physical copies can be requested via the contact page on the band’s website. And be sure to follow Frank Olson Twins on Facebook and Twitter.

And check back here next week for our interview with Frank Olson Twins.