Single review: Jesse Sarvinski's "What I Said"

Photo credit: Erin Miller

Photo credit: Erin Miller

Down-to-earth Californian musician Jesse Sarvinski has just released his latest single “What I Said.” Known for his musical flexibility and willingness to embrace the nuances of sound, Sarvinski’s music has influences of reggae, R&B, country, alternative, and classical. However, as his melodies have matured there is also a distinct pop-element to his music.

“What I Said” definitely has the pop sound, but there is so much more to it. There are also elements of country and classical woven into the sound creating a complex tapestry of sound. Combined with Sarvinski’s lavish voice and thoughtful lyrics, “What I Said” is a song that will woo listeners.

Written and produced by Sarvinski, who also plays the guitar, piano, and sings the primary vocals in the track, “What I Said” also features Joshua Secor on the guitar and backup vocals (and he also helped produce the track). How the song was created really speaks to the simple approach that Sarvinski takes to music. What is amazing though is how a song like this can sound so complex. This composition really speaks to Sarvinski’s abilities as a singer/songwriter.

Have a listen to “What I Said” below.

Keep your ears open for more from Sarvinski as the year progresses, and check out his website for more of his music. And be sure to follow him on Facebook, Instagram, Soundcloud, and Youtube.