Single Review: Frank Olson Twins' "Conversations with Bad Acquaintances"

Photo credit: Jon Cassill

Photo credit: Jon Cassill

Brooklyn trio Frank Olson Twins’ are shaking up the indie music scene with their own special blend of folk rock and classic rock in their latest single “Conversations with Bad Acquaintances.”

Comprised of Frank Olson (who is also the touring guitarist for The Veldt) on vocals and the guitar, Hallie Rose Kelly on the bass and backing vocals, and Anelya Mayzlin on the drums, Frank Olson Twins can typically be found touring throughout New York. And this past January 15th the band released their EP Conversations with Bad Acquaintances, with the title track as the first single for the album.

“Conversations with Bad Acquaintances” feels like an ode to the fundamentals of music. The basic rock sound of this track is charming, and given the difficult subject addresses in the lyrics, this simplicity is ingeniously paired. The slight twang in the music gives the track that distinct folk feeling, whereas the harmony vocals, which is provided by Daniel Chavis of The Veldt, gives the track a more complex and modern rock feel. Check out the video below.

“Conversations with Bad Acquaintances” is available digitally on Bandcamp, iTunes, Google Play, Amazon, and can be streamed on Youtubeand on Spotify. Physical copies can be requested via the contact page on the band’s website. And be sure to follow Frank Olson Twins on Facebook and Twitter.

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