Single Review: Quiet Domino's "Metropelium"

From singer/songwriter Mark Nelsen comes Quiet Domino, a new indie electronica project whose single “Metropelium” is set for release May 19th.

Music fans who love Moby, Massive Attack, and MGMT will love the thoughtful and complex electronic effects and synths combined with a whimsical beat. And as if the stick-in-your-head rhythms and melodies weren’t enough of a draw, the use of imagination in the composition of “Metropelium” truly makes this single one of a kind.

For you see, “Metropelium” is a word created by Nelsen. By combining “Metropolis” and “Mausoleum” Nelsen strove to describe the modern city experience. In the song the narrator ponders this experience, this world where we are disengaged from one another due to modern technology, yet it is a world in which we crave connection.

The video for Quiet Domino’s “Metropelium” is out. Give it a watch below. Directed by Andrew Herwitzand, produced by Onema Pictures, and staring LA-based model and musician Victoria Murdok, the video furthers the song’s themes and is the perfect accompaniment to such an inventive song.

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