EP Review: Beautiful Nothing's "Sleep Walk"

Photo Credit: James Featherstone

Photo credit: James Featherstone

Let yourself get carried away with the complex harmonies, the heartbeat-like rhythms, and the lulling melodies of Beautiful Nothing’s latest EP Sleep Walk.

Released on March 29th, Sleep Walk is a mesmerizing compilation of sounds. Fans of Radiohead will love the electronic ethereal feel of tracks like “Million Different Ways” and “Meet Me In My Dream.” Then there is the intense and dramatic “Must Be Dreaming” that is without compare. The imaginative music of Beautiful Nothing will also appeal to those who love the sounds of Imagine Dragons and Cage the Elephant.

Since the release of the EP, Beautiful Nothing has been receiving a great deal of attention from music lovers and audiences. So much so that they were added into the Canadian Music Week less than a week prior to the festival’s kickoff.

There is one major problem with Sleep Walk, however. The 6 track EP is simply not long enough.

Sleep Walk is now available on Spotify, iTunes, and Bandcamp. And be sure to keep up with Beautiful Nothing on their website, and on social media: