Single Review: Inventor's "Confess"

Last week we announced the Canadian Music Week live performance dates of Toronto’s Inventor. Today, we will be looking at their latest single “Confess.”

Inventor dropped their first major single “Confess” last Friday (April 14th). Written, recorded, and produced in their apartment studio, “Confess” is an intense progressive rock track.

There is an air of experimentation with the predominant electronic sound and restrained vocals. The steady beat and fluctuating melodies are in perfect harmony with the subtle monotonic vocals that eventually grow into something more. While the singing seems held-back at times, the almost manic feel achieved at the crescendoes and during the chorus is so startling that listeners are seemingly seduced by the mania. “Confess” is truly an unique and refreshing single.

Fans of Radiohead and other progressive rock bands will love Inventor’s single “Confess” which is now available on iTunes, Spotify, and Google Play.

And don’t forget to check out Inventor’s live Canadian Music Week performance at Adelaide Hall on April 20th.

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