EP Review: Astra the 22s' "Paris Love"

Latvian-born and Brooklyn-based indie glam rock duo Astra the 22s are getting ready to drop their EP Paris Love set to release April 28th.

Comprised of Kerry Kaleja and Eric Jayk, Astra the 22s formed in 2014, three years after the duo met when Kaleja was looking for guitar lessons while living in New York City. In September 2014, the duo launched their debut EP Blue Venom. The release was met with lots of praise, their live performances in Europe were very successful, and Astra the 22s’ music is regularly on Latvian and Lithuanian radio.

Mixed by Kato Khandwala (Blondie, The Pretty Reckless, Paramore, My Chemical Romance) and Mastered by Howie Weinberg (The White Stripes, The Cure, Aerosmith), Paris Love is a 5 track EP which showcases the diversity of the duo’s musical talents. Although the EP was written while the duo lived apart, Kaleja in Riga, Latvia, and Jayk in Brooklyn, the music on the EP is an intense compilation of the best glam rock has to offer. Last year, the duo relocated to Williamsburg, Brooklyn and were joined by bassist Rebecca Silber-Capalbo and drummer Luca Bertaglia.

Paris Love opens with the ravaging “Creature.” This lively track is an intense nod to the best features of rock. Quickly following it is the sexy “Fake It.” A cheeky anthem for anyone making out there their own path, “Fake It” is a no-nonesense rock song that will have you swaying to the perfect rhythm.

The title track “Paris Love” is the first single from the EP. The hypnotizing drums lend an 80s feel to the track, yet the alluring breathy vocals bring the song to a level above others in the genre. “Paris Love” is a exquisitely unique track.

The last two songs on the EP completely switch gears. “What You Do To Me” is a love ballad without compare. With a slightly forbidden flavour hidden between each beat, the male and female vocals harmonize spectacularly during the chorus and masterfully dominate their own verses.

The EP concludes with the bewitching “Stranger.” The build from the intro into the rest of the song will draw in listeners, and much like the previous track, there is an inexplicable mesmeric quality to the song.

The 5 tracks on Paris Love don’t feel like nearly enough. Astra the 22s is very talented and with their 2017 tour in the works, it is hoped that music lovers all over the world will get to sample their phenomenal sound.

Be sure to keep up with Astra the 22s on their website, Facebook, and Twitter.

Photo credit: Lance Allen

Photo credit: Lance Allen