Album Review: Victor Gashnikov's "Untold Stories"

Some may remember last August when The Littlest Voice met Russian pianist Victor Gashnikov. Since our chat last year, Gashnikov been hard at work finishing his first full-length album Untold Stories. Set for digital release on March 29th, “Untold Stories” features beautiful contemporary piano pieces and original compositions.

The stunning 14 track album opens with “New Day.” The very first sombre note draws you in and the piece gradually lightens with higher and more bubbly notes. The track brings to mind the light of a growing dawn, the sounds of birds welcoming the renewed sun. This simple and beautiful track is a wonderful introduction to the album and to the complexity of Gashnikov’s compositions.

While there is so much that could be said about each and every track on Untold Stories, Gashnikov’s music is best left to individual interpretation. These artful pieces are like tiny treasure chests that hold something for everyone, whether its a cathartic effect, a relaxing atmosphere, or a mood lightener.

“Untold Stories” can be pre-ordered on iTunes. For more information about Gashnikov, to head his previous EP and singles, and for his social media links, be sure to check out his website.