Album Review: Udi Levy's "Addictive Substance"

New York City-based progressive and rock guitarist Udi Levy is gearing up for the release of his debut instrumental album Addictive Substance, which is set to release June 2nd.

In the last 10 years Levy has become a staple in the NYC music scene, and his masterful guitar styles are constantly in high demand. While he regularly plays live shows all over the city, Levy has toured all over the world, and has even received an invitation to play for former President of Israel, Ezer Weitzman.

The music on Addictive Substance showcases Levy’s diverse skill set as a guitarist.

The album bursts alive with the first track “SexDrive” which features sounds reminiscent of epic 80s rock ballads. The riffs are exciting, enthralling, and absolutely fun.

The title track follows and the sound switches to something a bit harder. In this face melting track, Levy pushes the boundaries of the guitar’s ability, encompassing a variety of notes and tones. Perhaps what is most surprising about this track is the abrupt shift into a psychedelic melody for a brief moment. The lull in the track gives listeners a brief reprieve amidst the chaos.

The album continues on much in this fashion, each track giving the listener something different to listen to, something different to appreciate. There is nothing genre specific about this album. However, Levy is able to skillfully take the best parts of several musical genres and bring them together to create something new and unique. The tempos range from fast and furious to soft and lulling. And when the last track fades away music lovers will be left wanting more.

To find out more about Levy and the upcoming release, check out his website.