Latest singles from The Urban Renewal Project

With songwriter and multi instrumentalist R.W. Enoch, Jr. in the lead,

The Urban Renewal Project is a LA based thirteen piece musical collective that is turning heads. Blurring the lines between rock, pop, jazz, & hip-hop, their music also has a fun updated funk rhythm that is sure to have listeners moving to the beat.

While the band is busy gearing up for their upcoming album 21st Century Ghost, they have just dropped two singles “Don’t Ask Y” and “Hide” to give music lovers a taste of what to expect.

When asked about their single “Don’t Ask Y,” they said that it “was directly inspired by our collective preoccupation with lifestyle brands and the celebrities that endorse them. I caught myself thinking about how much time and money some people waste in pursuit of a certain piece of apparel, and how this obsession is a clever way to keep the working and middle classes permanently subject to the system. As I started to put the music together, I thought it would be fun to frame the song like a television commercial with a sarcastic voiceover, telling you to focus on the brand and ignore all that other stuff.”

About how the single “Hide” came into being, The Urban Renewal Project said, “I’m sure all of us have experienced a moment when you walk into a nightclub or party and everyone is looking down into their smart phones. It’s so unintentionally ironic that we would visit a physical location with the intention of interacting face-to-face with other people but spend most of the time looking at the same screen we look at the rest of the day. Combine that with the selective and dishonest way everyone curates their online persona, and you’re left with a device that we use to hide from other people and hide our true selves from the rest of the world.”

Just from listening to these two singles, audiences can begin to get a feel for the band and their music. And when it comes to their upcoming album, 21st Century Ghost, the band said that it “represents the best work we’ve ever done. Musically, lyrically and topically, the ten tracks came together to realize our collective vision.”

And when it came to finding inspiration for the album, it seemed to flow from the band’s experiences. “Almost every day, as a band we’re confronted with these issues: image, fan interaction, social media presence. One time a concert promoter told us he couldn’t pay us more because we didn’t have enough facebook fans. As I got to writing, it seemed like there was enough material there for a full album.”

Philosophically, “Don’t Ask Y” and “Hide” point to a shift in mindsets, a movement away from the trappings of technology and materialism. Musically, the singles are unique, oddly fun, and are sure to get you excited for the upcoming album. Be sure to check them out below.