Krief’s “Life As It Happens (Lyric Video)”

Last week, Montreal singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist Patrick Krief released the lyric video for his single “Life As It Happens” from his upcoming album Automanic. The video, which was directed by Toronto filmmaker, Christopher Mills, is a simple lyric video featuring basic shots of lights and musical instruments. However, in the 5 minute video Mills managed to create a lot of complex emotions, and he even cleverly timed the video to emphasis key parts of the song. The video and song come together to create a single fluid entity, something that is often hard to do when combining the two mediums.

“Life As It Happens” is a beautifully expressive song. The melodious harmonies and soft flowing rhythms create something that sounds like a mash-up between The Goo Goo Dolls and U2. Yet, Krief has his own distinct sound, and if “Life As It Happens” is any indication, Automanic is going to be a fabulous album worth waiting for.

For more information about Krief, be sure to check out his website.